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National Remote Sensing Centre Organized an Exchange for the GNSS Reflected Signal Work Group

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In order to implement the agreement of the cooperation of space science and technology between China and Europe which was signed by Cao Jianlin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and Jean-Jacques Dordain, chief of the European Space Agency (ESA) in November 2011, a joint research work group of China-Europe Navigation Satellite reflected signal (GNSS-R) was created at the beginning of 2012. In July 2012, some Chinese experts came to the ESA Space Research and Technology Centre in Holland to attend the first plenary meeting of the joint research work group. The detailed cooperation plan was determined in the meeting. In order to implement the work plan agreed by both sides, National Remote Sensing Center of China organized an exchange meeting for the Chinese experts in the GNSS-R joint research work group in Beijing on the Nov 29th, 2012. Members of the joint research work group from China Meteorological Administration, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, National Space Science Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Ocean University and etc. participated in the meeting. The main content of the meeting was to discuss and exchange the implementation status of the work after the first plenary meeting in July.

The representative from National Remote Sensing Center of China introduced the first China-Europe Space Technical Dialogue held on Aug 14th which indicates that GNSS-R Joint Research Working Group has been included in the scale of China-Europe Space Technology Cooperation Dialogue. And it is suggested the related cooperation work results of the work group to be exhibited in the second meeting of European Space Technology Cooperation Dialogue which will be held in 2013.

Professor Yang Dongkai, convener of China-Europe GNSS-R Joint Research Work Group and the other experts in the group who attended this meeting introduced the progress and phase achievements of their work in the group. They discussed and exchanged their opinions on some future work plans such as China-Europe observation data sharing, personnel exchange of China-Europe, observing typhoon in China with airships equipped GNSS-R observation instruments and etc. GNSS-R technology based on Global Navigation Satellite System has shown its application advantages such as all-weather, all-day, multiple signal source, wide coverage, high spatial and temporal resolution and etc. GNSS-R technology have opened new visions and shown broad prospects in the field of satellite navigation and remote sensing applications.

Professor Martin (Manuel Martin Neira) who first put forward the concept of GNSS-R in 1993 is one of the members of the GNSS-R China-Europe Joint Research Work Group. ESA has strong technical advantages in the field of GNSS–R and included GNSS-R projects in its 2007-2013 science and technology plan. Professor Martin is now working on the subject of implementing real-time observation of earth and ocean with GNSS-R receivers equipped on LEOs (Low Earth Orbit), many of the Chinese departments related to ocean, aviation, meteorology and etc. are now attaching importance to the progress of this technology and carrying out research plans related to that. The cooperation between China and Europe such as data sharing and personnel exchanging on the research of GNSS-R have enriched the content and enlarged the influence of the cooperation of science and technology between China and Europe.

Through the exchanges and discussions, every participant realized the significance and importance of the current work in the cooperation of space science and technology between China and Europe and declared that they will strengthen the investment related to the research to promote the development of GNSS-R research in our country and the further development of cooperation of space science and technology between China and Europe.

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