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Workshop for Promoting Application of Beidou Navigation Satellite System in ASEAN Region was Held

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In order to implement the consensus reached in the first China–ASEAN minister of science and technology conference and to accelerate the development of the application of Beidou navigation satellite system, under the guide of Cooperation Department of Ministry of Science and Technology of China an application workshop for promoting Beidou navigation satellite system application in ASEAN region was held by National Center of Remote Sensing in Beijing on January 17th, 2013. More than 70 representatives attended the conference, including representatives of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Application Management Center, Sino-Europe Galileo program cooperation supervision experts, navigation and location-based services technology special project experts, universities or research institutes in related fields, Navigation And Positioning Chip And Terminal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Zhongguancun Space Information Technology Industry Alliance, Wuhan China Optical Valley Strategy Alliance Of Technology innovation On Geo-informatics. In the conference extensive and in-depth discussion and exchanges on the promotion of Beidou Navigation Satellite System in the ASEAN Region was carried out successfully.

A report was made by academician Yang Yuanxi titled “Initial Ideas about the Enchantments of Beidou Navigation Satellite System in Asia Pacific Region”. In this report he proposed some advices on popularizing the applications of Beidou in ASEAN region. Some other reports were also made by representatives from universities, institutes and enterprises, such as “Introduction of Global Observation Network Of Beidou and Suggestions to the Application of Beidou in ASEAN”, “Demo Mode and Progress of BeiDou in Korea”, “High Precision GNSS Tracking Station Based on BeiDou and Its Application in ASEAN Region”, “The Basis of Creating Stations in ASEAN Region” and “Proposed scheme of Basic Service Demonstration Platform of BeiDou in ASEAN”. Extensive discussion was made by the delegates, mainly discussed about how to do work of popularizing the BeiDou navigation satellite system in ASEAN region well.

The representative of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China introduced the science and technology partnership between China and ASEAN which was built by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and ASEAN countries, indicated some actions such as carrying out some research and development, constructing industrial parks with ASEAN countries and etc. He hopes that everyone to study the needs of ASEAN countries carefully, develop the application of BeiDou and create demonstration targeted. The representative also said he hopes everyone to focus on the news that Ministry of Science and Technology will start to call for information of foreign aid projects of science and technology recently and wish everyone to actively apply this activity. Yang Baofeng, Director of Chinese Satellite Navigation and Positioning Applications Management Center, elaborated the questions that everyone focused on and introduced the plans and envisages of the application of BeiDou. Jing Guifei, deputy director of the National Remote Sensing Centre, call for the delegates to seize the opportunity that the BeiDou Service start to provide service formally, open mind and offer more suggestions positively, implement the work of popularizing BeiDou application in ASEAN region.

With the success of this conference, the confidence of popularizing Beidou application in ASEAN for domestic coherent units which provides navigation and location services was enchanted. This conference developed more ideas for the internationalization service of Beidou system, made active efforts to speed up the popularization and comprehensive application of Beidou navigation system, and will also further strengthen China - ASEAN science and technology partnership. National Remote Sensing Center and other related departments will dedicate to promote the application development of Beidou system in ASEAN region, to provide high quality services for the users in ASEAN countries.

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