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Attendance of CENC to the 14th Chinese International Hi-tech Fair

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China-Europe GNSS Training and Cooperation Center (CENC) attended the 14th Chinese International Hi-tech Fair, held in Nov. 16-21,2012. The theme of the fair was to "promote scientific and technological innovation, and upgrade the development quality". About 111 delegationsfrom 67 countries or regions,and more than 3000 exhibitors and 3100investors turned up , brought in more than 15,500 projects. The number of visitors was up to 538 thousands.

Through providing materials and illustrating in the exhibition, CENC showed the subject matters: Premier Wen along with Minister Wanattended the fifteenth China-EU Summit and signed a joint statementChina-EU Space technology Cooperation; The dialogue on space technology cooperation is entering a new important stage of development;the Galileo Program, China-Europe Galileo Program and introductionof the project, the European Union Framework Program, Yi He system create new age of in &out-door high-accuracy position navigation; TheChina-Europe GNSS Technology Training and Cooperation Center.

CENC also gave an introduction to audience of the process and achievement in China-EU satellites navigation cooperation project,reviewing the training seminars held by CENC, and the assistance andsupport of the role of CENC in China-EU cooperation project in the field of applied research, manufacturing and market development. So they can further understand the concept and application of satellites navigation position have more expectation in China’s development here, especially the prospect and industrialization in Yi He system.

By attending the fair, CENC motivated the implementation of Major Science and Technology Programs in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" in navigation and position service and also promoted future development in China-EU cooperation on the Galileo Programme and Space Technology.

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