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Seminar of China-Europe Satellite Navigation Technology Application is Held Successfully

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Following the spirit of the first meeting of China-EU-ESA Dialogue on Space  Technology Cooperation, National Remote Sensing Center of China (NRSCC) and Chinese-European Navigation Technology Training Cooperation Center (CENC) organized the China-Europe Satellite Navigation Technology Application Seminar in Beijing on May 13, 2013, aimed at promoting the exchanges and mutual understanding between enterprises, research institutes and universities in both sides in satellite navigation technology application, and seeking new opportunities of cooperation. A total of 60 participants attended the seminar including EU delegations in China, experts, universities, institutes and companies in fields of navigation and location services, strategic innovation alliance of navigation positioning chips and terminal industry technology, industry alliance of Zhongguancun space information technology. Focusing on the latest development of China-Europe satellite navigation technology as well as the application prospect , participants are invited to conducted extensive discussion and communication, achieving a complete success.

NRSCC introduced the background of CENC’s foundation and its significant role in the field of Chinese-European satellite navigation, and expressed the willingness of promoting cooperation among Chinese and European enterprises in the field of satellite navigation. Mr. Jean-Marie AVEZOU, First Counselor of the Delegation of the EU to China, spoke highly of the achievement of CENC and hoped that more extensive exchanges and cooperation will be conducted. He also made the report on Latest Development of Galileo and the Application of EGNOS, in which he made a introduction about Galileo’s development and EGNOS’s application and the frequency coordination negotiation between Galileo system and Beidou system. Professor CaoChong, China Research Institute of Radio Wave Propagation (CRIRP), made the report on Present Status and Prospect of Chinese Navigation and Location-Based Service Industry. In the report, he drew a conclusion about the present status of satellite navigation and location-based service industry in China and showed expectation to the promising future. Delegations from universities, institutes and enterprises made reports respectively such as the Monitoring, Receiving and Verifying Galileo’s Signals in China Region, Xihe System and its Applications, Beidou Application in the Management of Port and Finishing Vessels, Navigation and Location-Based Service Platform and Its Value-added Service and the Research on GNSS Reflected Signals and Prospect of Cooperation Areas Between China and Europe.

Beidou satellite system has started regional service officially and global service can be provided in 2020. According to the prediction of relevant institutes, the related production value will increase dramatically. The cooperation between Beidou system and Galileo system will expand the application market further and also promote the development of Beidou navigation industry, thus promoting Chinese navigation enterprises approaching the international level. The delegations also show their great concern about the development of Xihe system. Based on the Collaboration Real-Time Precise System (CRP), Xihe built a wide-area indoor and outdoor navigation system with high positioning precision, which focused on solving the problem of covering every mile with full naviagaiton service for mobile users. It can be viewed as the further improvement and expand of satellite navigation system service ability. The construction of Xihe system will solve the problem of positioning failure indoor which existed commonly in satellite navigation system. It is also helpful in enlarging the navigation area and depth, promoting the repaid development of navigation and location-based service industries, accelerating the applications of Beidou and its industrialization.

The seminar is a success, which made the participants see clearly the application prospect of navigation and location-based service at home, provided them a better understanding about Galileo system and applications of EGNOS and enlightened relevant institutes about how to expand navigation and location-based service market.NRSCC will continue to strengthen CENC’s role of bridge in China-EU cooperation and exchanging and promote the development of Beidou application and navigation industry to serve the enterprises.

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