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Mass Market Receiver Project under China-EU Cooperation on Galileo Program passed the China-EU’s joi

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With the support of related department of Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), National Remote Sensing Center(NRSC)negotiated with EU actively , promoting the concluding work of China-EU Galileo Cooperation programme on the executing items. NRSC and European Commission Enterprise and Industry Administration organized the review meeting of China-EU Galileo Mass Market Receiver Project (GMR) On June 13 to 14, 2013. During the meeting, the project researched by BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd, the 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and Shanghai GALILEO Industries, Ltd together was reviewed. European Commission experts, supervision experts of China-EU Cooperation on Galileo programme and experts from the general contractor of the project, China GALILEO Industries, Ltd attended the meeting.

GMR program was responsible for the development and technological research of three versions of principle prototypes receivers, including vehicle combination receiver, vehicle navigation receiver and individual receiver, laying foundation for the following research and development of chips.

The program is the only one that organized and managed by China after negotiations between China and EU, which has important implications in exploring new China-EU Galileo cooperation models. Supervision experts from China play an efficient role of supervision and guidance during carrying out the program. They made a report about the managing process and supervision of GMR project, thinking that the important work related to the program has been finished and the final review can be carried out. China GALILEO Industries, Ltd reported the general situation about the program and the other three institutes made reports on the receivers’ research and development respectively and they also answered the inquiries put forward by assessment panel. The assessment panel checked the achievements of the program such as prototypes, chips, card cages and all related documents, agreeing with that the program passed the final review. GMR project passed the China-EU joint final review, which represents that China’s capability of managing international cooperation program according to China-EU Galileo cooperation project management rules, the supervision and guidance role that Chinese experts have played in carrying out the program, the advanced technology level of China’s satellite navigation enterprises when participating in the research of international cooperation project. 

After the meeting, experts of China and the EU had a visit to BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd and the EU experts thought highly of the achievement that China’s satellite navigation enterprises had made on the developing and researching the Beidou navigation chips and other products. To strengthen the further cooperation, China and the EU made a discussion about satellite navigation industry and its applications. They also exchanged information about the construction of Beidou system and Xihe system, hoping that they can continue to cooperate in the fields of satellite navigation application, for example, satellite navigation receivers.

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