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Cooperative Real-time Precise Positioning System

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With the development of society, people are paying more attention to locating and navigating their precise location and places they are interested in. The Global Satellite Positioning System (GNSS) provides an effective means of outdoor positioning, which makes it an essential tool for a lot of people when choosing travel navigation. After GPS of the U.S. and Russian GLONASS, the construction of BeiDou navigation system in our country progressed well, which can serve most parts of Asia Pacific in 2012. However, satellite navigation also has its shortages, for example, it cannot work when satellite signals are disturbed or blocked out and in places where people often stay such as rooms, underground parking lots and high-rise cities. What’s more, the positioning accuracy of common navigators is about 4 to 20 meters and can’t meet the needs of pedestrians and lane-level navigation when satellite navigation system is not enhanced.

Cooperative Real-time Precise positioning system (CRP) aimed at solving the last-kilometer problem when passing satellite navigation signals to personal mobile terminals. Integrating satellite navigation technology, wide-area augmentation technology and indoor positioning technology, it formed multi-technology co-positioning technical solutions and built up city-level demonstrating system which can offer seamless indoor and outdoor positioning, navigation and location-based service with accuracy of 3-meter indoor position and less than one meter outdoor position in urban area, laying technical foundation for the development of Cooperative Real-time Precise positioning system in the future.

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