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Hubei Xiangyang: Agricultural Machinery Uses BeiDou System

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Time: 10:00 March 24, a bulldozer with two antenna receivers is leveling soil in the field in Xiangzhou District Xiangyang City, Hubei.
Double-harvest agricultural cooperative organized 200 acres paddy fields newly transferred. The bulldozer receives BeiDou signal, and then transmits to the cab tablet PC via Bluetooth. The driver can determine the level drops of field according to yellow or blue signal on the screen. By accurate measuring of BeiDou system, the land formation error in height can be limited to 5 cm, which can meet the needs of mechanized planting. Also on the bulldozer was equipped with an automatic navigation driving system based on Beidou that combines BeiDou satellite high-precision positioning technology and automatic driving technology which helps the machine to finish plowing, harrowing, rotary, ridging, planting, spraying, harvesting and other activities automatically and efficiently.
Zhang Tong, an engineer from Academy of Surveying and Mapping of Hubei Province, introduces that BeiDou system can be widely used in agricultural machinery. For example while planting and harvesting, it can help to accurately control the line spacing, and achieve grain storage without landing. It is reported that the governments of China national and Hubei Province have include agricultural machinery with BeiDou satellite navigation automatic driving system into subsidies range.

(Source: Hubei Daily)

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