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Henan: Completes BeiDou Industry Three-Years Development Plan

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Reporters learn that a few days ago, according to the request of Henan Government, Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of Henan Province completes "Henan Province BeiDou Navigation Industry Three-Years (2015-2017) Development Action Plan (draft)",for boosting BeiDou navigation industry development of Henan Province.

BeiDou system has been widely used in transportation,water conservancy, land, agriculture and other areas of Henan. In 2014,the output value Henan Province BeiDou navigation industry is 1.2 billion yuan.This year, the production value is expected to reach 3.0 billion yuan. According to the plan, until 2017,the output value of Henan Province BeiDou navigation industry is over 20 billion, which will drive over 50 billion yuan for related industries scale.

Meanwhile, Henan Province is constructing BeiDou Ground-Based Augmentation System(GBAS),After the complction of the system by the end of this year, the accuracy of BeiDou service in Henan Province will be from "meter-class" to "decimeter-class" or even "centimeter-class".The application objects will gradually expand from industry users to public users.The development speed will be significantly accelerated.

Source:BeiDou Web

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