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Anhui Hefei: BeiDou Is Used For ETC Lockage System

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Reporters recently learn from Hefei Transport Bureau that the feasibility report of Heyu fairway ETC lockage system construction project based on BeiDou satellite navigation system goes through expert review, Heyu fairway is hailed as the "golden waterway" of Hefei.

It is reported that the lockage system, using BeiDou satellite positioning terminal, is builded for information management platform that meets the needs of scheduling command and paying without going ashore. It can be used for Intelligent scheduling.And boat people of Heyu fairway will needn’t come ashore to pay the cost. Many techniques have been applied in the system to improve the efficiency of the ship lockage and enhance service level of lock, such as using the Internet, wireless communication, video surveillance and other techniques, combining sailing ship, ship gates running status, payment information and other data with lock scheduling management organically,

Source: Hefei Daily

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