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Yueyang: Promotes “BeiDou Navigation Application + Safe Campus” Project

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To accelerate the BeiDou satellite navigation application and industrial development of Yueyang City, on the morning of August 19, Yueyang City organized the "BeiDou navigation application + Safe Campus" project promotion and coordination meeting.
Cheng Jun, deputy director of Yueyang Economic and Information Commission, pointed out that "BeiDou navigation application + Safe Campus" project plays an important role in supporting Yueyang City BeiDou navigation promotion application, under the basic principles of market share, independent choice and free competition, to build a good enterprise service platform, and recommend good products.
The "BeiDou navigation application + Safe Campus" project uses the "BeiDou intelligent electronic student card" to enter school, and has integrated communication, positioning, management, early warning and other functional modules. It’s innovative promotion and application of BeiDou navigation in the public services field, and is currently a pilot project in one of Yueyang’s  primary schools, and the next step is to be extended to other primary and secondary schools.


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